Are you curious to know why marijuana causes the munchies or paranoia? Well, today you can ask Dr. Kevin Hill anything about marijuana on Reddit.

Ask Me Anything:

Dr. Hill is a researcher at McLean Hospital and specializes in performing research on both marijuana and tobacco consumption. His subreddit AMA will officially kickoff today (Thursday, October 15) at 1 pm ET (10 am PT, 5 pm UTC), at which point Dr. Hill will answer your potent questions about the potential for marijuana addiction, while discussing “The Unbiased Truth about the World’s Most Popular Weed.”

Learn more about cannabinoid research

Hoping to dispel some of the nastier myths people maintain about marijuana addiction, Dr. Hill will drill down on the latest news regarding medical marijuana research.

Dr. Hill is also inviting any marijuana smokers in the Boston area that would like to participate in one of his studies to call the number on his website to participate.