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‘Highly Distributed’ Helps Oregon Growers Sell Their Medical Marijuana And Products

‘Highly Distributed’ Helps Oregon Growers Sell Their Medical Marijuana And Products


highly distributed medical marijuana oregon cannabisI was at an event a couple of months back and I met a guy named Michael Johnson. It was a networking event, so the conversation started as it usually does at those things, with each of us asking the question ‘What do you do in the cannabis industry?’ I explained to him that I am one of the owners of this blog, and that I am the one that makes sure content gets posted each day and determines what gets posted (for better or worse!).

When he explained to me what he does, I was instantly impressed. Michael is the Vice President of purchasing and procurement for a company called ‘Highly Distributed.’ Highly Distributed is a basically a medical marijuana wholesaler/broker. It’s an idea that I have written about in the past, and I have to say, not only do they have a fantastic business model, but they seem to be very well suited for what they do because I have heard nothing but good things about them.

To be clear, I have no ties to the company, this article is being posted completely free of any advertising agreements, and Highly Distributed had no prior knowledge that I was going to post this article, if for any reason because I just decided this afternoon to post something. I don’t know how much they pay people for medical marijuana and medical marijuana products, nor do I know how much they charge, in case you are a dispensary owner or grower. You will have to contact them for that information.

What I can say is that I know A LOT of people that work with them, both on the supply and retail side, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews. And the people that are telling me these reviews are not just people that I know in passing, they are people who’s opinion I value very highly. If they are pleased with the business they are doing with Highly Distributed, then there has to be something to it.

I do not grow medical marijuana, and it’s actually pretty rare that I purchase medical marijuana. I am very, very lucky to have great friends and readers that gift me marijuana for no consideration often enough to keep my supply stocked up. I certainly don’t own a dispensary. But I know many, many growers in Oregon right now, and if there’s one thing that I know, it’s that they almost always need help getting their flower and products to the market place.

That was basically what I told Michael Johnson at that event, that his idea is something that growers have needed for a long time. Growers need to be focused on doing what they do best – growing amazing marijuana. On the other end of things, dispensary owners don’t need to be driving from farmer to farmer, or having 87 growers frequenting their place daily, dropping off and picking up stuff. To quote Mr. Johnson at that event, ‘growers don’t need to be driving up and down I-5 all day, and dispensary owners don’t need to deal with tons of people.’ Highly Distributed streamlines that whole process, taking out so much of the headache for suppliers and retailers.

Obviously Highly Distributed gets their slice of the pie, but anyone who has tried to buy and sell bulk amounts of medical marijuana will tell you that giving up a slice of the pie is a small price to pay considering how hard it is to get rid of medical marijuana these days. You have to drive to dispensaries, establish working relationships with them, determine which ones are shady and which ones are legit, then determining of the ones that are legit, which ones actually have a client base that wants your products and can sell them in a reasonable amount of time. Highly Distributed does all of that leg work for you, and since they have already vetted dispensaries, they know exactly which ones are the best place to put your flower, concentrates, edibles, etc.

If you are a grower or retailer, and you need help selling or acquiring medical marijuana, you should contact Highly Distributed. In addition to Michael Johnson I have met another one of their members, VP of sales Whitney Hobbs, and she is a very nice person and very knowledgeable about the cannabis plant and industry. You can contact them via their website, you can now ‘like’ them on Facebook, and can follow them on Instagram. Below is more information about the company, via their website:

Who we are…

We are a group of motivated entrepreneurs with a passion for Cannabis. We come equipped with strong beliefs, and we’re a bit altruistic to boot. We believe in things like Honesty, Humility, Creativity, Passion, Integrity, and Sustainability. We’re happy to consistently and steadfastly project our beliefs to those we work with and throughout our organization.

We are a Team of Oregonians at heart. We think activities like Rock Climbing, Running, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Kite Surfing, and Brazillian jiu-jitsu are things everybody should do all the time…and of course, enjoying the beautiful nature here in Oregon. Seriously try loosing yourself someday, it might just be the only way to truly discover who you are.

What we do…

It might seem a little obvious, but we’re a Wholesale Cannabis Distribution Company. But what does that really mean?

What it means to us, is we’re all about the Brands in our network. Sure, the core of our business is helping great Suppliers distribute their products to great Retailers, but it’s also about augmenting those same Brands to enhance their success at every juncture. That’s why we work with great Support companies that are ready to offer services and competitive rates to help effectuate that reality.

The stronger the brands in our network, the stronger we’ll be. So collaboration and harmony is key and we’re all about long-term relationships. We can’t wait wait to prove it to you.

How we do it…

With great people, processes, and technology!

Our founders have extensive experience in Wholesale, Technology, Sales, Purchasing & Procurement, and much more. We’re only as strong as our team, and ultimately we’re only as successful as the brands in our network.

Of course, we can’t forget elbow grease, hard work, long nights, lots of coffee, working every day, writing software, smiling lots, growing beautiful Cannabis flowers, loving our children(and tucking them in at night), doing good things for the community, and embracing nature(and all sorts of other things we’ve surely forgotten, but you get the idea).

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