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Santa Cruz Bakeware Takes A Fresh Approach To Household Cannabis Storage With Crowdfunding Launch


SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Cruz Bakeware™ announces launch of the Greenskeeper project on Indiegogo, ending the home storage nightmare for medical and recreational cannabis consumers.

“Effective storage options remain surprisingly limited given the growth in medical and recreational use,” says Michael Jessup, co-founder of Santa Cruz Bakeware.

“To extend the freshness and potency of marijuana, smart storage is crucial. What you see on the market, though, are a lot of repurposed products originally developed for storing food or tobacco,” he continues.

Greenskeeper is a first-of-its-kind home container designed specifically for storing marijuana that is attractive, intuitive and effective.

The necessity for storing cannabis properly is well documented. According to the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, in an article titled: The stability of cannabis and its preparations on storage, “Exposure to light was shown to be the greatest single factor in loss of cannabinoids…followed by air oxidation.”

The essentials of proper storage are echoed on popular websites, such as Leafly.com.

The estimated retail price of Greenskeeper is $60 USD. Discounted pricing is available to early backers. With successful funding, shipments begin next spring.

Limited editions, t-shirts and other perks are available on the project page at www.igg.me/at/Greenskeeper.

More information available at www.santacruzbakeware.com



Santa Cruz Bakeware is a beachside startup that aims to revolutionize cannabis accessories with contemporary design, functional benefits and tasteful branding. Santa Cruz Bakeware was established in 2014 in Santa Cruz, California, by three former gaming industry colleagues. www.santacruzbakeware.com

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