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The Leafly Guide to Cannabis: A Handbook for the Modern Consumer


From the world’s leading cannabis experts at Leafly.com

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SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leafly, the world’s most popular cannabis website, is now available on your bookshelf. The first-ever book from Leafly’s award-winning expert team, The Leafly® Guide to Cannabis: A Handbook for the Modern Consumer (Twelve Books, December 2017, Hardcover & eBook) is a definitive guide to today’s legal cannabis landscape, guaranteed to enhance every user’s understanding and enjoyment of the plant.

“This project is a collection of essays, explainers, how-tos, and FAQ’s we’ve spent over five years developing,” said Leafly editor Bruce Barcott. “We’ve gathered our best answers to the questions most commonly asked by the cannabis curious, along with many answers to questions nobody had ever thought to ask.”

More than 13 million people visit Leafly every month to learn more about cannabis and discover the best strains, retailers, and products. Written with both novices and advanced consumers in mind, The Leafly® Guide to Cannabis compiles this encyclopedic knowledge into one indispensable volume packed with exclusive content and rich full-color photography.

The New York Times Book Review calls The Leafly® Guide to Cannabis “weirdly fascinating.” “Kief, terpenes, decarboxylation and vaping concentrates: There’s more evocative fetishistic language attached to these buds than most others in a farmer’s world. You’ll find cooking hints and beauty tips, even recommended munchie pairings.”

Highlights include:

  • Cannabis 101: Your Guide to Understanding the Basics

    • What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Types: Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid
    • Tips and Strains for Beginners
  • Smoking
    • Cannabis Science 101: The Complex Chemistry of the Bong
    • Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs: What’s the Difference?
  • Edibles
    • Pairing Food and Drinks with Cannabis: A Primer
    • Leafly’s Top 10 Infused Recipes: “Besto Pesto,” Canna-Bacon, and More
  • Topicals
    • Cannabis and Skin Care
  • Oils and Concentrates
    • What is a Cannabis Concentrate?
  • Better Buying and Consumption Tips
    • How to Find the Best Strain, Product, and Consumption Method for You
    • Recommended Strains and Products for Different Scenarios and Moods

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As the world’s largest cannabis information resource, Leafly’s mission is to help patients and consumers make informed choices about cannabis and to empower cannabis businesses to attract and retain loyal customers through advertising and technology services. Learn more at www.leafly.com and download the five-star rated Leafly mobile app through Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Visit Leafly.com, Leafly Canada at Leafly.ca, Leafly Germany at Leafly.de, Leafly in Spanish at Leafly.es, and Leafly in French and Fr.Leafly.ca.


Berrin Noorata, Director of Communications

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